13 August 2009

...company, always on my mind...

yesterday, i started to chunk some cantaloupe and then added some blueberries, and sliced some strawberries, oh! and green grapes, and then bananas and watermelon. jert came into the kitchen and saw a huge bowl mounded with fruit and offered to help so he sliced up the watermelon into smaller pieces, making it more manageable. then he tossed it, put plastic over it, and we made room in the fridge for it. and the rest of the cantaloupe that he did up cuz there was not any room in the biggest bowl in the house that we own.

then i hauled out all the veggies, and we diced and sliced and chunked and peeled and all that other lovely jazz. in that bowl went cucumbers, green bell peppers, tomatoes, carrots, sugar peas, purple onion, chipolte in adobo sauce, some horseradish, some garlic, and some italian dressing. there was no room for the radishes, so they just went into a smaller bowl with some water. jert sampled some of the veggie mix, saying that it was good, a bit hot and spicy, but very good.

we've got chicken leg quarters to grill. and all the makings for potato salad. and plenty of eggs to hardboil and shell for the jalapeno juice jar. we both love hot things, so we buy the BIG cafeteria sized jars of jalapeno slices. when the peppers are gone, then we use the juice to pickle the hardboiled eggs. sooooOOOOoooo good, it'll make your mouth water. 'course then too that'd be cuz it's so hhhhottt.

all five of jert's kids and families will be here this weekend. his mother will make it over for the cookout tomorrow and it'll be cool to see everyone again. this weekend is the sturgis south bike rally, so we'll be heading up that way too!

hope everyone is enjoying their weekends, grins!

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