09 August 2009

twelve weeks and counting down

yeah, so i need to get my ass in gear and work on the invites cuz, dude, our wedding is in less than 12 weeks. most everyone that we want to know about it, knows about it. but the invites would be nice for folks to receive and the replies will be good to help my landlady better able to plan the reception since she is hostessing it for us. if we get the invites out this month, and most all the replies come in during sept, then we will be in a much better place come the beginning of october, as far as having a more accurate idea of what folks will be bringing and what we need to provide. oh, and who all will be there for certain. i think we have a pretty good idea of all that, but it'd be good to be a little more specific, doncha know.

that means that sometime in the next couple days i need to comb thru the lists we have made and figure out addresses and such. quite a few of the invites, we can hand~deliver, but i'll probably spring for the return postage on the reply cards; even for those folks in the area, it'd just be good for organization's sake. that, and lisa my landlady doesn't know who all the folks are, where they might be coming in from, who would need help with accommodations and directions and all that other good stuff.

my freekee friend ferah and her man are coming in late the night before~~she works a very odd schedule and won't be off til rather late on friday evening and it'd be better if they were already here rather than me trying to talk them thru the directions the morning of. they will need to go back to b'ham for their own special event that evening, but i think that since it's about a two and a half hour drive, they should be fine. they themselves are wedding in the spring and so jert and i will be attending/participating for their special days.

my mom and brother didn't make it over here this summer, as this is their busiest time of their season. so we are shooting for mid~sept for us to complete the rest of the rooms and lay the floors too. that will be sorta tight, but it's do~able. perhaps with all of us working together, i can get my entire trailor's contents moved over after there is the space prepared for it all.

it looks like there may be a couple~few folks planning to set up their RVs at the county lake for the wedding weekend. that'll be a huge help in oh so many ways. it'll free up some room here at jert's place for folks to stay. and it'll be good to have a few places on hand to change into our wedding wear on site rather than running all over the place after we do the decorations and get everything set up.

it's all setting in a bit more now. and i think it will really set in moreso when i start to put together the invites and get them ready to send out. they need to be printed, embossed, and all that. last week, i bought more color ink cartridges so that i won't run out of browns/greens in the midst of printing and preparing them. that'd be a bummer, fer shur.

this week, jert's kids are all coming in, and it'll be great to see everyone! this will be the first time we're all together since the new year. and it'll be the last time we get to spend time with one of jert's daughters and her family for quite awhile. she's moving across the country, and altho she will fly back for the wedding, it won't be the same, as there will be so much going on that i'm not sure how much time we'll have to really visit. and her husband won't be with her then; all that travel gets to be expensive, ya know.

it'll all work out, i just need to not worry about all the details so much.

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