29 August 2009

wedding/party update & other bits and tids

Well {dusting off hands}, all but one {*ahem*ahem*} invitation has been mailed or hand~delivered. Several replies have already been returned. We're hoping the rest of them come in over the next month. That way, come October, we'll have a better idea whom to expect and what all needs we'll have to make sure we meet.

After finishing some yard~work and washing the cute lil dew~drop~mobile, my Jerry and I took a lil drive to see his youngest daughter's new home today. She cooked peas, mashed taters, and pork chops for us and we ate out on her back deck, overlooking a freshly mown lawn. It was nice to visit with her and see her so thrilled about her home! The two grandbabies were a hoot, and Jerry played with both lil boys, getting them to giggle and chortle and chuckle and even yell a lil. The youngest will turn one year in just two weeks and we were watching him try out his new shoes today. He would take these big huge wide steps and then sorta totter and then BOOM! fall back on his diapered butt, squealing and showing us his new teeth. The older grandson is a lil over three and chattered about the pool, and then grabbed my hand and pulled me into his new room, which has clouds painted on the walls and showed me his walk~in closet {which has a palm~tree, surf~board, sunny sky, and sandy beach painted on the wall}. He kept putting on his Sponge~Bob bookbag and saying, as he waved and walked away, "I'm going to school now, I hafta see ya later!!" Too cute, right?

Tomorrow, a dear friend is coming for a visit and I'm really quite excited! My Jerry hasn't met him yet, tho he's heard me yabble about him lots. He's really looking forward to meeting another friend of mine. Being that so many of my friends are scattered all over the country, it will be years before Jerry can meet all of them; altho, some are coming in for the wedding and we have over the last six months been taking some extended weekend trips to meet with some friends within the Southern states.

Another daughter of Jerry's {the one who visited with us for about a week recently} is driving across the country to start her new life in the NorthWest. I know that she'll love it and wish her all the best! She'll be flying back for the wedding, but it will be a short visit and then she'll be flying back out. So we really enjoyed her recent stay, it was extra special.

Within the next three weeks, my mother and brother will be coming for a week to help us complete the painting and laying the floors so that the guest rooms will be ready for the folks who will be staying with us over the wedding weekend. Some of the folks coming in for the wedding are bringing their RVs and setting up at the county lake, while some folks are staying here at Jerry's and others will be staying at area hotels. We want to make things as easy on people's wallets as possible, especially those traveling from great distances; so some folks are staying with us here.

Now that we are passing into two months til the wedding, and the invitations have been delivered, it feels more and more real for the both of us. We do have some details to take care of, but most everything is well in hand. {I think}

Have a great weekend!

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  1. The wedding will be a success due to all your hard work. Love ya!


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