07 August 2009

home! home again!

well, the drive back to Miss'ippi from B'ham was very good. i pulled into the drive to barking dogs, sooooooooooOOoooo happy to see me as only dogs can give such an enthusiastic welcome; tho jert certainly scored high on the "oh you're home! oh i missed you so!" and we both ended up grinning and giggling and smooching and all that disgustingly gushy love mushing stuff. oh yea!!

sure there were some stuffs we needed to discuss, so we didn't turn off the ringers on the phones, and only pay attention to each other. jert had grilled some great steaks, and baked some potatoes, and poured some outstanding wine. i'd chunked up some fresh tomatoes, cucumbers, and green bell peppers from a produce mart just down the road from us. i think sometimes they do pull in some of their stuff from further afield, but i think most of it is locally homegrown. but those veggies tossed in with some italian dressing just exploded with intense flavors. vine~ripened? or madly in love? BOTH!

we spent some time reviewing our wedding plans, preparations, purchases, inventory, et al. and it's getting closer, Closer, CLOSER! a few things are happening before that. most notably this next week, we have some family coming in for a few days {or longer} so all jert's kids will be here for this next weekend. that'll be fun! i think jert's been adding to the burn pile for the bon~fire and i tidied up the one completed guest room so that his middle daughter and her family will have a place to stay. his youngest son and some buddies from the strike team are riding up for the weekend, too!

next weekend, when all will be here, it's the sturgis south bike rally. sturgis is about twelve miles from here. i always intend to go, and never do. so this year, i might actually make it!

since my mom and brother have not been able to make it this way yet this summer, and it is their busiest time of the year...i think we've planned for them to come in mid~september and they may be able to help us finish the house so that come october when folks start to head in for the wedding, we have all the guest rooms ready for them!

well, my book is calling me. i'm gonna go watch my man sleep for awhile. how sweet is that? {quitchersugarschockin}

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  1. Well, dang, if you don't sound just so happy!


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