14 August 2009

getcher ride on

Well, this afternoon, my Jerry and I toodled up to Sturgis, just up the road from his place. It's the first time I'd been there {always meant to go, just never did}. He told me that the attendance seemed lower this year. But it was still a nice crowd.

There were lots of bikes to look at. And lots of food vendors and lots of t~shirt and accessory vendors and some other stuff like jewelry and wallets and belts and things. There was an electronic bull, and some gravity defying rig~ups there. There also was a helicopter flitting around with folks in it.

after awhile, we realized that the heat was getting to me more than we had thought it would. all the sunblock on my face mixed with my sweat and started stinging not just my eyes but my cheeks too. which was weird, cuz who'da thunk sunblock would not be good for you?!?! i mean i can understand it not being healthy for your eyes, but your CHEEKS? hmmmmmmm?

we decided to come back to his place and then maybe go back to sturgis this evening, when his sons and his daugther are here. both his sons have bikes and so that'd be nice to head up there together. like a lil wolf pack. {giggles}

so i changed outta the sweat~drenched shirt, and took off my boots and socks to cool off. and washed my face, a few times. he kicked down the air, and started to throw together his soup {it's awesome, i like his soup better'n my own mother's and she is a good cook}. we flipped on the music and are just chilling for a bit before everyone pulls up.

oh! and he bought me the hematite heart necklace seen above. and i just had to include this pic of jert and his youngest's youngest. so sweeeeeeeeeet. i love you, my jerry!!

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