03 August 2009

my friend, freakee fabulicious ferah

after a few errands in the morning, i'm gonna drive to b'ham to spend a few days with my fab friend ferah, she's soooOOOooo freakee deekee and that's one of the many reasons i love her so!

she and her man are looking at wedding rings and all sorta other good stuffs cuz they are planning a may wedding 2010. so these next few days won't only be catch up and visit time for us, and a chance for me to get to know her man {grant~~he's so squeezable}, but we get to do all the girly~girl things that i could only evah even think about doing with ferah only. cuz she's my fah~rend.

love ya lady!

the hardest part is that i'm gonna be without my man for days and that's not been the case since...gee, since before we met in december. sigh. he's so sweet ta me and so very supportive, go honey go do this. okey dokey then!

the bestest part? ferah!! the fiendishly fabulicious freak!

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  1. Love ya baby! Hope you have a great time and come back safely!


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