21 August 2009

"if music be the food of love, play on"

willy the shake, he da man!

this week, jert's middle daughter and her husband were with us. they are relocating to portland, so we won't be seeing them for awhile. she's flying back for the wedding, but that won't really mean we get to spend time with her because there will be so much going on. so we made sure that we were able to appreciate their presence as much as possible this week.

among the stellar qualities, they are very giving and cool folk. she downloaded my entire music list for the wedding for me and then made me copies in various formats cuz i'm a tech~ijit and we always need back~ups. always.

so now, i've got two cds in the car of wedding music and i've got the entire list loaded onto my 'puter too. and yep, you got it, we're listening to it right now. beatles's are telling me about "when i'm 64" at the moment. and yep, jert, i'll still feed you.

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