23 August 2009

Friday, I went over to my friend, Adria's. She's an artist, whose chosen media usually is colored pencil. If you live in the Golden Triangle region, chances are you've seen her work featured in the newspaper, at the public library, various restaurants and businesses in the area, and so forth. Most of her work is commissioned by private parties tho, and all of it is breathe~taking.

A few months back, well, ok, more than a few...more like six months ago, I designed our wedding invitations. I did a few entries and showed some mock~ups here in this journal. I was careful not to use specific names and contact information, but other than that, I think they were fairly complete.

Adria also teaches some classes in the area, some to children and usually every month she gives back to the community by offering a workshop at the Emerson Center. It's usually a stamping~class where greeting cards, gift boxes, picture frames, etc are made. I say all that to get to the point that she has all the materials to help me emboss the invitations and do some basic filigree work on the corners.

So Friday, I went over to her place so that we could do up ten invitations and I could make sure to give Jerry's daughter {and her husband} one before they left for the coast. Actually the majority of our invites will be hand~delivered, with the minority actually making the mail~system. Altho, all the reply~cards are postage~paid to ease the responsibility of the guests, and that in turn will help us figure out who is coming and what we need to provide, food~wise.

This evening, my Jerry and I put together the rest of the invitations that Adria and I had embossed Friday. I wanted to make sure that all the invites for the folks he works with were done at the same time, so they'd be delivered at the same time. That way, no one person could work themselves into a righteous lather over "how come she gets hers and you don't have mine? huh, Huh, HUH! How come, answer me that". So now I have a much better handle on who has what and how the rest of it will go.

Adria and I will get together with a few other friends at her place later this week so that we can get the rest of the invites ready to send off {or deliver}. In a way, that makes all this stuff even more real than it was already. In a good way, but still kinda overwhelming at times, cuz dude, that's allotta details!

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