11 August 2009

tripping up the tongue

jert and i wrote our own vows, he has his mostly memorized and i am working on mine. we wrote different ones, because we both want to express similar sentiments, but we both have different ways of doing so. we both are at different stages in our lives, and so what each of us brings into our relationship is slightly different.

he will sometimes deliver his vows to me, usually in the evenings, or when we are getting ready for bed. i with a mouthful of foaming toothpaste, and he with a headful of shaving lather; and we both stand before our respective sinks, gazing at each other in the mirrors. he tells me his thoughts and i cannot help but grin my sillee self, toothpaste dripping off my chin and all!

i, on the the otherhand, tell him {and others} that i'm gonna memorize my vows and then get up there, facing him, and all i will remember to sob is, "i love you, man". he assures me that's fine. but i'd rather express to him the lines i've written that capture our relationship just perfectly.

so i have a copy of my vows to him in the car, on my computer, and printed out and stuck in other places too. i think it'd be cool for us to actually have them on scrolls, then literally exchange them during the ceremony; reading them aloud and then handing the written vows to each other. of course that'd also easy my mind about my tongue falling outta my head and flopping off the pier into the Oktibbeha County Lake, never to be found again.

i'm just saying.

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