30 August 2009

less than nine weeks or two months, take yer pick

Good~bye August, Hello! September!

I know that the kids in this area started school weeks ago, but to me, September means fresh beginnings, newly sharpened pencils, unwritten note books, and unchewed erasers. I've not been a student for awhile now, and it's been even longer since I used what we typically tend to think of as "school supplies", but still, September is the end of summer and the welcoming of fall, with uncreased jeans, unholey socks, new shirts, squeaky new sneakers, and a hair~cut so recent that your neck still itches some. September begins with Labor Day, which is the real end of summer season, and altho the official start of autumn is later in the month, it seems to me that September is the turning of the leaves, the cooler nights, football season begins, and there may be yet a stretch or two of hot sunny days, but even that is limited.

Of course most of those memories have to do with my childhood in the mountains of Pennsylvania, where the growing season is a great deal shorter than that here in Miss'ippi. This year, September means that only two months {or less} is left of the Wedding/Party count~down. It means that I need to focus on taking care of lots of final lil details so that we can make sure that we are as ready for this momentous event as possible.

Along and about the second half of September, my mother and brother are coming to help us finish painting and such and getting as many of the guest rooms for the wedding. This coming week, my artist friend and I are going to make over the book I'd gotten for our wedding guests to write in. In the next few weeks, we'll be ordering and receiving the final touches for the wedding {and thereafter}. Now, things kick up a few notches.

So, I'm thinking that as much fun as every aspect of this wedding has been, I may need to focus on some element of my life that has nothing to do with that, in order to give myself a bit of a break from wanting to rush and do it all, right NOW {thereby losing my shit}. So later this month, I may join a new book club, which will get together for a couple hours every week. As long as it doesn't become another aspect of my current life for me to trip over. I think I'd written in the past few weeks about how when I get stressed, even with positive stuff, that I become uber~detail oriented.

Last night, I had to make myself resist the all~but overwhelming, commanding, demanding urge to scrub Scrub SCRUB with my toothbrush, the entire surfaces of the master bathroom. After backing away from the closed bathroom door, I grabbed my baby~pillow and threw myself into the Big Chair in the living room, where I sat on my feet and clutched my hands so that I wouldn't do anything dumb, like crochet yet another hat.

Cuz after all, how many hats can any one person wear? Even if you flaunt traditional fashion fads as I do, there are only so many hats max that I can wear at a time. Last year, I made and donated 250 hats to the children's hospital in Lil Rock. But this year, I don't have that many hats made. And I don't think I'll be able to make that kinda commitment at this point. So reading, yeah, I can handle a reading club at the moment.

I think.

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