11 August 2009

how i know...

before i realized how dark it was getting, during the noon hour; before i heard the low rumbling thunder; before i knew that it was raining~~i knew that the storm was upon us. i knew this because the lil furrbees are afraid, very afraid, and are wrapped around my ankles, chewing on my toes, and trembling with terror. lil doggies seem to be more affected by the barometric pressure changes, not liking it at all.

harley is a chihuahua mixed with whippet, so he has the long lean body with proportionate legs and a slender tail {tho it is not curved and curled like a full~blooded whippet}, yet he is small in stature, more like a chihuahua. this means that he is a whipcha {or maybe a chippet}. he has an elongated snout, whippet genes shining thru! but his hair is very sparse and thin, so it looks like he is constantly afflicted with the mange {he isn't tho}. this means that he often gets colder faster than the other living beings in his vicinity.

pearl is also a chihuahua mix. she has some feist in her {rat~terrier}. so she would be a ratcha {or maybe a chitter}. she has a smaller body, but more bulky than harley's. her head is rounded, with a very small nose, like a chihuahua. she has very short napped white hair coating her pink and black spotted body, and sheds like crazy {especially when she is nervous}. she loves to jump into your arms and then nestle her head under your chin, up into the nook of your neck. she gets a lil too enthusiastic with her tongue, tho her breath is oh so much better than harley's!

they are both smaller dogs, not tiny, but small. and when it storms, they both cuddle close. if they can't get up in your lap, then they'll settle for cramming their trembling bodies up under your feet and making themselves as small as possible. and if contact is not an option, pearl likes to tuck herself behind the toilet. usually tho, the bathrooms' doors are closed, so then pearl climbs up on a shelf, wiggling back into the corner, and peeks out from time to time to see if your lap is available yet.

harley shakes and shivers and trembles and pants and rolls his eyes up toward you in the most endearing fashion. he will follow you room to room, never letting you out of his sight. and when you sit down, he stretches up against your knee, imploring you to "pleeeeeeeeeeeeeazzzze" let him curl up on your lap. he'd even skooch over for pearl.

watching the two of them care for each other is very touching. they will "kiss" each other, mouths open and angled, as tho their teeth will mesh just so. eventually they give up on that, and settle down to lick each other's ears and sometimes it even progresses to such grooming of the other that it resembles puppy~porn. that's true love, right there, doncha know.

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  1. Awww! Your descriptions capture my puppies perfectly. Before I met you they were my only companions, so I do care a lot for them. But you forgot the mention that today (Aug.12th) is Pearl's Birthday. Won't say how old - after all she is a lady. :-)


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