28 August 2009

wedding update

okey dokey, pokeys! as you can see, it's pretty late {or early}. i've not been sleeping really well at night. having very odd dreams {including one that featured brad pitt pimping a proposed film, while staying in character which flipped back and forth between his roles in "basterds" and "12 monkeys"; since celebs don't usually make an appearance in my dreams, this was very odd indeed} disturbs me cuz even in my sleep, i'm troubled when things just don't make sense. i've also developed this tick under my left eye, at the outter corner. this is extremely hilarious for me, cuz i keep wanting to lapse into a corny role, and over emphasize the twitch. at any rate, sleep has been fairly elusive, esp at the oh so much more appropriate hours of say "nighttime". of late, the peace and calming quiet at night allows me to think more clearly, cuz i have less stimuli demanding my attention. but this means that i'm so preoccupied that i am not relaxing enough to SLEEP.

i am, however, fairly productive. exhibit A, see journal entries date/time stamp. exhibit 2 {just cuz i like to mix things up...sometimes}, the very organized spreadsheet on my desktop {you want to see it...but no! you cannot touch the mango}. and exhibit C, my brain.

okey dokey then, moving on...

earlier today, my jerry was attacking the yard work with a vengeance {shaking fist at the sky} and i zippittee zoomed around in my lil dew~drop mobile, delivering most of the invitations to my friends in the area {i say "most" cuz dammit, andrea, you need to come over...ANDREA...yes, you! you know who you are!! bring yer cutie~pie and get out of your home and come for lunch ANDREA}

i dropped some invitations in the mail. so there are still some, about ten, i think, that need to be hand~delivered yet. my jerry and i will do that together, or he will drop some off when he visits his mom and when we can catch some family around. i think that come monday, we'll have all invitations save a couple~few delivered {ahem, ANDREA...}.

so today, i buzz up to my friend's work place {yes, yes, friend as in singular, cuz we all know, i only have a friend} cuz i didn't take my jerry's cell nor my friend's cell number {cuz we all also know that i'm extremely antiquated in some respects, like technological gadgetry use...i embarrass others with how ignorant i am about these things} and i couldn't remember what time he leaves work. for some reason, i was thinking it was three or so {hey there, friend, it is I, debraaaaa}. since i don't usually go all busting up into someone's place of work, i wasn't exactly sure where his location was within the complex. but i was thinking {apparently not very clearly} that this once would be a fine exception {especially since i've known the man for uhm...six~ish years}.

oh lord, was that ever a fiasco! it was funny, even at the time, tho my bursting into giggles and snickers did not help matters and the rather inSecure pompous ass i was speaking with was getting more and more frustrated. finally, i said {and i'm paraphrasing here}, "dude, really, it's ok; i'll just zip on by his home, cuz this is way too complicated now and he may already have left...toodles". the guy actually stepped out in front of my car, held his STOP NOW hand up, and then got this amazed and puzzled look on his face {cuz i did stop and waited, but he didn't seem to know what to do; flustered dude, po'po' flustered dude. sigh}. then he most have decided that it was ok for me to go, cuz it was on HIS terms and waved me on. i don't want to go into too many specific details, but the dude was very befuddled and if it's true that he'd been employed there for ten years, as a security dude, then i'd be worried...cuz he not only didn't know his own staff, but he also gave incorrect directions and information. i think i could have driven away with all sorts of stuff, an entire new bedroom suite even; while he stood there with his authorative bluster thumb up his ass...i'm just saying.

so whilst killing some time, waiting at my friend's house, i listened to the audio book due monday and drew some ideas for our wedding friend/family book. it's gonna be kick~ass! and fun, Fun, FUN!!

oh hey, i might can sleep now...seize the moment while it lasts....toodles

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  1. Whew! Hope you got a lot of quality rest! Sweet dreams!


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