10 August 2009

hapPEEEEE birthDAY to youuUUUuuuu

this is a close up cropped shot of my sweet shaddow lane, whose birthday is 11 August 2001. she was about one in this cute pic. she's got a substantial amount of white around her muzzle now, and a starburst pattern blooming from her eyes outward. she's still my sweet lil girl, and such a purty one at that!

she's stuck with me thru all sorts of times, good, bad, healthy, not so, strong, shakey, etc. and been the one constant that loves me regardless and comforts me continually. she's my first dog, my first furrbee evah. happy birthday, my shaddow lane.

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  1. Ditto! To one of the sweetest canines I've ever had the pleasure to meet.


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