06 August 2009

greetings from b'ham, alaBAMa

tuesday i zipped over to b'ham, in my lil dew~drop and POOF! here i am. i really enjoyed the drive, and am glad to see my friend and see some of the folks i'd met earlier in the year when i went to the festival. the neighborhood that my friend lives in is wonderfully suited to her and her man and it just has so much positive encouraging aspects that it's only natural to love Love LOVE it.

when i got in, we chatted and caught up some, then zipped and zoomed around. i got the grand tour and saw some familiar {i lived here ten years ago} and some completely new {it's been TEN years, ten ~ how is that even possible?!?} stores, shops, buildings, and all. then we got some glorious cheesee pizza that made all moan, groan, and roll our eyes. it was sorta like a slumber party.

i started {and finished} a hat, and some of the other folks expressed some curiosity. so my friend sat down and showed one woman how to do an elementary crochet stitch that generally is the base to all others: the chain. the hat that i finished, i gave to her. it was three strands of various shades of green, so it was a soft, full warm stitch that had some form to it, but not too stiff.

i finally pooped out on them, begging off so i could sleep. yesterday, we toodled around the house for awhile. and then we drove to hancock fabrics, and i got some more yarn {cuz i want to finish some hats to leave here for some folks}. later in the evening, i took my hostess with the mostest and her fiance to an indian restaurant where we enjoyed the buffet while there were three lovely ladies who belly~danced for about half an hour. they were very friendly and posed for pix and such for some of the customers. it turns out that my host/ess and the ladies knew each other as well as some of the other folks there. so that was very nice too!

even tho we all were stuffed, we stopped by the bookstore and grabbed some coffee while browsing. i found some things that were kinda cool, but just made a note of them. i did buy a lil note book with accordian pockets for half price. jert and i usually shop with lists, and that'd be perfect for coupons and such. so yea!!

when we got back, we spent the evening looking up the books that we'd seen at books~a~million. and read thru some other books on the shelves. then we got talking about what we were reading, which is the best sorta visit to have!

the only draw backs are two: one is that this is the first time in a very long time that jert and i are not together every day. the other is that my neck has been sore the entire time i've been here so each evening, i've been stretching it and using a hot pad to try to work some of the soreness out.

earlier today, ferah's lil sister and one of her nieces dropped by. i was staring at this soon to be seven year old lil girl who had attended orientation for school this morning, thinking, "she is soooOOOoooo big". i was remembering her as a child of four. and even younger as a toddler, and even younger than that, as a babe in arms. sigh.

this evening, a group of young women are coming over for their monthly meeting and some food, friends, and fabulousness. tomorrow, i head back to mississippi. where jert is waiting with a special evening just for us and some quiet time. so, yea!! glad to have been here, but glad to go home too!


  1. Sounds like you had a good time, but I'll be glad to get you back. Love ya baby!

  2. It's nice to get away now and again, but when you're in love, it's tough too!


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