30 July 2009

it's a YARIS!!!

it looks larger than it is, cuz i'm actually standing a foot away when i took this pic. it's just so damn kah~YOU~tt! every time i am close to it, i wanna hug its plump lil chubbette of a dew~drop body.

i've been spending scads of time, squealing and waving my fists around my ears while grinning as widely as possible {and then some}.

jert's been loving my giddy giggles even more than usual.

he's soooooooo sweet ta me. sigh.

meet our new car.

a toyota yaris.

and it's zippitee zoom.

it's about 2/3rds the length of most cars on the road here, and could easily fit into the bed of the truck we just traded in.

dudes, i'm still in shock and awe.

to the carl hogan folks in columbus:

mark, you rock!! thanks for making this such a pleasant transaction and for being so cool and considerate while not pressuring us at all. muwahz'n'huggles


  1. It's a shame Debra's so depressed. (NOT!!). It's so much fun watching you with this car. And to all the folks out there - I actually had to talk her into getting the car. And she didn't mention that this is the first NEW car that she has EVER owned. Enjoy it baby!

  2. Oh gosh! That's cute! So, I guess Jert's going to look really cute too. lol


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