27 January 2009

when the night has come... {'stand by me'}

dudes, i'm exhausted, about to fall asleep on my keyboard; but i did want to let ya know that the casino adventure was fun and there was only one glitch {and it really was my fault, so i can't complain too too much, ya know? i didn't get much sleep cuz i was violently rejecting the contents of my stomach}.

we drove down and had a great time. i got free buffet cuz i signed up for a player's card. and also a lil casino credit to blow {which i did before the night was thru} and drinks as long as you are playing {or look like you might be playing}. the room was comped and so we had a good evening without needing to spend all that much. yea! in fact, i left the place a lil bit better off than i'd started.

so jerry's youngest had a good 21st birthday. her husband had a cool evening. i had a great time, and jerry did too! but i'm getting too old to be so sleep-deprived. honestly tho, i did get to bed a lil after midnight. i just didn't get much sleep, with frequent trips to the 'loo.

before we left, jerry pulled me aside and slipped a garnet on my finger. a promise that his heart is mine and that before the year is out, there will be a proposal and i ought to give some thought to an answer. it's very comfortable, the ring is large enough to fit nicely while not being too large. the setting is tasteful and the stone is cut into a heart with a sterling silver band. very nice, very me.

i gotta digest and ponder it all. maybe in my sleep. g'n'nite.

{this ring pictured is not exactly like mine, but fairly close}


  1. I'm emailing you...(Hugs)Indigo

    XO MJ

  3. Well, now, that's what we call a promise ring, here in the North.

    Hmmm ...

    He's quite a guy!


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