28 January 2009

Meet Patches the Camel

Shaherazad's is a small middle-eastern eatery near our local university, here in Starkville. Mississippi State University has its influence on the local flavor, like most places of academe. Shaherazad's has been here for a few years now, and is fairly popular with the college crowd and locals alike. They offer freshly prepared food for reasonable prices and fair portions. There are vegetarian dishes, sandwiches, pizzas, dinners, salads, soups, and wonderful appetizers. Their desserts are scrumptious, too!

It's a friendly place, welcoming folks to come in and sit a spell. If the weather is nice, you can sit out at one of the tables in the front, enjoying the atmosphere. There are also small tables behind the place, near a small pool and fountain with plantlife. Very pleasant.

Jerry and I have been there a few times over the past few weeks. We've had their kafta and shawarma, both in pitas and also served over basmati rice. We've enjoyed their hummus served with tomato wedges, olives, bell pepper slivers, cucumber slices, pepperoncini. I love their mint tea and we sit, eating, chatting, and taking our time, relaxing.

It's a good place to meet your friends, have lunch, or even enjoy some solitude. A taste of the middle-east, tucked around the corner at 612 University Drive in the Big Blue Building, right here in Starkville, Mississippi.

{dudes, I almost forgot to mention the hookah! so as not to violate Starkville's non-smoking policy, they'll set ya up outside, with your choice of smoke from the humidor. oh! and currently, they are offering a lil contest to name the other camel in the back area; winner gets one dinner for two every month for a year.}

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