29 January 2009

stoned redneck chipmunk

dudes, i've got really good teeth as a whole {a cavity when i was 12, a root canal when i was 13, and another cavity when i was 17}. the root canal was not done very well and neither was the resulting crown some fifteen years later.

last night, i bit down and my root canaled/crowned tooth snapped off. no blood. no pain. just a few fragments in my gum and a gaping hole where the crowned tooth post had been.

the tooth is/was/is right up front. eeekkk. i went to the dentist today and they did a cast/mold of the uppers so that i can be fitted for a partial plate for that one tooth. it's the cheapest route. not having any tooth there is not an option. the dentist said that the acrylic partial will hold me til i can get an implant.

this afternoon, the dentist removed the remaining fragments and cleaned out my gum area. In two weeks, I'll return for my acrylic plate. Til then, I look like a dirt poor stoned redneck chipmunk appropriately named "chip".


  1. I'm sorry to hear this happened hon. Those two weeks will go by faster than you realize. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. Oh girl, this just sucks ... I am working on three implants now and well, it's going to take a while, but I think, in the end, worth it.

    We are just too young to not have real teeth ... or rather ... keep our own as much as we can. :)


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