20 January 2009

harley's a horn-dog

Oh where to start?

Friday, I'd spoken with Jerry and then ran some errands and talked with a few friends and got home and took a shower and called a few other folks and then, talked with some other folks and then realized that it was midnight and I'd been all happy and stuff, but the very person that I was thrilled with and about was the one person I hadn't called!

So I sent him an eMail, knowing that Jerry'd probably not get it til today, cuz his home computer is on the fritz. But! Saturday morning, he went in to his place of work to get some other stuff and checked his eMail and got my message. So, yea!!!

We got together, and I wrote about Saturday's stuff in the last entry.

Sunday, Jerry came over, and watched the first playoff game here and then we went over to his place and watched the second one. We spent the evening after the game talking about lots of stuff, and getting lots clearer about things, and closer in general. Neither one of us are thrilled about this past week's confusion, but we are both glad that it did happen when it did and that it is over.

For me, it allowed me to settle a few things in my mind that I didn't know needed settling. And Jerry'd pointed out that it made us lots closer, stronger. I agree, because there is no hesitation.

Monday, Jerry had the day off work, so after lunch, we went to see his newest grandbaby and visit with his son and daughter-in-law and they also had a new litter of puppies to see. The baby is just now two weeks old, and he opened his eyes a few times, but was mostly wanting to slumber away some more.

Sunday, I took Shaddow with me to Jerry's to meet his two doggies and Monday, we brought Pearl and Harley over here to my place. Everyone gets along with everyone else. But it was kinda funny, when Jerry left last night, Harley (the male whippet/chihuahua blend) made the other two farm dogs stand down. Ellie Mae and Puppy Klutz are my landlord's dogs who spend most of their time just outside the fence waiting to see if Shaddow will come out and play. I'm not sure where Beider was yesterday. But Ellie Mae and Puppy Klutz are both fairly large, lab mutts, and there's lil Harley, making them lower their heads in submission.

Whatta stud.dog, whatta stud.

Oh! Harley attempts to mount up on Shaddow, and it is too funny to see. I think a step ladder would be required if that were to happen. Shaddow wasn't fazed at all. She just kept doing whatever she had been, and it just wasn't even a factor for her!


  1. I love reading your blog. Its so much more articulate than mine.

  2. I have a confession to make, the first year I was with Paul we broke up numerous times. I didn't know how to be with someone who was loving, good natured. On the last break up I went back to my abusive ex (the one who came close to killing me). I couldn't do it. I had , had a taste of what it was like to be loved. Thankfully Paul and I worked things out. It still took a few years for me to heal mentally. But I was in the right place to do it, with someone who loved me. (Hugs)Indigo


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