09 January 2009

Secret Sillee Mee

I belong to an online service that allows me to list all books I've read, would like to, favorite books, and such. It's called ShelFari and you can see the linkee on the left.

One of the groups with ShelFari ran a Secret Santa exchange. I loved picking the titles to send and I loved the titles I received; it was so much fun!

Well, there is a lovely lady named DollyMama who also signed up for the Secret Santa. She sent her books to her person and they just loved them too; but unfortunately, the woman who was to be DollyMama's Secret Santa did not follow thru with her titles. DollyMama has been extremely patient and very understanding.

So I remembered how much fun I had picking the titles and bundling the books and sending them off in the mail, imagining the joy of the recipient, that I decided to send some to DollyMama. It's too late to be Secret Santa, so I decided to be Secret Sillee Mee {shhhhhhhh, our secret *wink*}.

Oh, joyous giddy gigggles!

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  1. That beautiful giving spirit, is what I love so much about you. The painting in this post is absolutely eye candy I love it! (Hugs)Indigo


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