20 January 2009

all hail the red, white, and blue!

The only channel I get is FOX {cringe, i know, i know, sorry} and being Fox, they did not pre-empt the regular programming of court tv {he done me wrong} with some Maury Povich {he is not the daddy} thrown into the mix {high octane stuff there, big roll of the eyes} in order to bring the inauguration to the locals. Since I have dialup, watching any sort of livefeed, streamfeed, or what not becomes extremely difficult. SO, tomorrow, when I visit my local public library, I will attempt to see what I can see.

In the meantime, I thought I'd do my bit to salute the new guy in office. We're all expecting big things of you. Hopefully, we will hold ourselves just as accountable.

That's as it should be

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