18 January 2009

here's the man

Jerry came over to watch the first playoff on FOX {cuz that's the only channel I get, cringe, sorry} and then we'll go over to his place to watch the second game. Friday, we'd made arrangements to go over to Jacki's to watch the playoffs today; but she wasn't feeling so good, so we'll get together some other time.

Last night, after Jerry and I went to Sheharazad's for dinner done right {very nice, muuUUUuuuch better than Wed, shudder, sorry}; we went downtown and walked around, he showed me where what was when he wsa growing up here {this was the library, that used to be the grocery store, oh! and the five and dime was there}. Then we went to another friend's house and had coffee and cake {ok, that was me, i had the deep dark rich chocolate cake that made my toes curl and my mouth have a party}.

After all that, we came back to my place and I showed him some pictures of me in years gone by and we watched some music videos from the 80s. Then I got the shakes, from the caffiene and sugar; I really gotta work on that, cuz I know that is more than likely gonna happen and you'd think I'd tone it down. And usually I do. And then I splurge, instead of all things in moderation. I think too it was a bit of a crash cuz this past week has been so out of kilter for me.

Jerry headed home, and I headed to slumberland and woke feeling fine. Til I started to get many calls and messages and that peaked my anxiety again. I'm on top of it, but I am not interacting with Scott for several reasons, one cuz it'd only be trouble. Two, cuz he says he doesn't understand, and that is a manipulative invitation to interact and dude, I've already told him a number of times what the reasons were/are, if he doesn't get it by now, he won't evah get it. Besides which, it's not my responsibility to keep explaining it for him. I'd like for him to get it, but I doubt he will. So there that is.

I've already spent way too much time, effort, energy, worry, anxiety, etc on him and his issues. I won't be continuing. Just a reassurance that my fickle fits are thru, and boy, am I ever glad of that!


  1. And I'm relieved the fits are through...Jerry seems like a really decent guy that cares about you. I know when your with him your post have a certain lightness to them. You can tell your happy.

    Loved the picture of the two of you together. Together, that word has a nice rounded out tone. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I'm with Indigo ... the picture is nice and the word together is like that chocolate cake you wrote about.

    Sweet Girl ... the fickle fits are best flushed and you've done a good job of it. :P

    "Hi Jerry1"


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