20 January 2009

hot chocolate and cinnamon raisin spice oatmeal

ahhh, the things a warm life needs when the wind is driving the chilly temps into the downright freezing range.

The only drawback to drinking hot chocolate and eating warming, filling oatmeal is that I must brave the freezing realm of porcelain 'loo. oh, what chills! what thrills! what chilly thrills! await me in that frigid environ.

This morning, I took a hot shower, made even more steamy by the difference in the air and water temps. Most likely, the water was not as hot as it seemed, which is a good thing, cuz my hands were lapping up the drenched lotion my mother had thoughtfully left for my dry parched pale thin skin.

So, now I'm comfortably snuggled inside layers of warm soft cuddle duds and am very glad that I decided not to venture out in this frigid world today. Tomorrow is soon enough to drop Ziggee's collar, sweater, and things for the Animal Shelter/Humane Society. I'll scoot past there, stop by the public library to chat with the Ladies there for a few, and Jerry will meet me there after he leaves work {also a library, for MSU}. That way, he gets to meet some of my friends. Yea!!

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