25 January 2009

omg*squeal*she lahks meeee

I had a great weekend with Jerry. In short, we babysat his four month old grandson Friday night and Saturday morning. He's such a sweet baby and nobody grins quite the way he does; his entire body wiggles and his entire face squishes into the biggest droolest grin evah! It's like a special lil reward he gives for you making the oddest fool of yourself for his amusement.

Today, Jerry made a turkey with the trimmings and I stuffed myself. My sense of time warped and it felt like Thanksgiving or Christmas or them both all rolled into one. Like a Thanksmas. Yeah, that works. Heppy Thanksmas!!

I just got home and started to sift and sort thru my eMails and things and guess what! No, I didn't win an entire year's worth of the amazing all herbal supplements to make my penis larger and more fulfilling. You people, such kidders.

Nope. Something even more amazing and fulfilling than that! Kathy gave me a friendship award and wrote me up in her blog as being charming! and witty! and friendly! oh! my!

And she made this, with the note that the mispelling makes it charming, dammit {and write she is, snicker, wright she is}:

Glad yer my frien, Kathy!!

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