02 January 2009

look! i made a stole, shrug

Yesterday, my throat began to get that sore swollen feeling {yuck} so I guzzled vast quantities of hot tea. Mr Date-Dude took me to a movie, and then we went to eat. We enjoyed the evening, but I was flagging fast. He brought me back home, where I made even more tea. I would have gargled it, but some things are a bit too gross for company, ya know? Very considerately, he took an early exit because I was all but slumped over the kitchen table, drooling and snuffling into my shirt's cuffs. Shortly there after, I took a hot shower, climbed into my new fuzzy star'n'moon jammies and tucked myself into bed.

I feel lots better.

That's good, cuz one of Mr. Date-Dude's daughter's and her man are making dinner for the four of us tonight and I don't wanna punk out on that. Esp since the daughter and her man are living ten hours away and who knows when we might see each other again; they leave tomorrow. This holiday season has seemed to last and that's been good, except now I'm tuckered out and ready for some restive snuggling wrapped in my cozy comfy covers like a burrito with hair sticking out the top as my head just barely clears the folds. Gotta keep the nose in the clear, it's like my snorkel, and as long as it's in the air, I get to breathe.

And that's good.

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