15 January 2009

cold parts, warm hearts?!?!?

d.d.d.d.d.d.dude {chattering teeth}, it's fifteen (that's 15) friggen degrees. in mississippi. damn, that's cold. no matter where, that's cold. but in mississippi? d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.d.damn.that.iz.kalt

so i'm sitting here, with two pair of socks on; fleece jammie bottoms {thanks mom!}; a turtleneck, a thermal shirt, a thick heavy sweater over that, two scarves {cuz i made em, and damn, dude, it's cold}, the top of the fleece jammies {thanks again, mom!}; a thick furry double brimmed hat; with a blanket wrapped round my legs.

got the propane heater on, the electric space heater {industrial shop strength, yer welkomm very much 4-County Electric, now youse can build on that extra admin wing}, and back in the bathroom, my other lil electric space heater is circulating the frigid air over the pipes.

that's essential, cuz a few years back, my hot water froze. shit you not, it did. cold water tap worked just fine, hot water tap froze solid. d.d.d.d.d.dude, d.d.d.d.d.damn, but that's fucked up.

shaddow was whispering to me, but i couldn't here thru all the fuzzy layers of yarn over my ears. yes, she's a whispering dog.

i also meditate to her snores. very peaceful. very rhythmic. very zen.

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  1. Hi,
    I know I sent you a "Final Email" (and I believe in keeping my word and honesty) and this will be my final contact with you until the time you come back to me. I have started a blog "EyeHeartDKB" and you can keep up with me there (or not). I leave it up to you.


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