22 January 2009

date night with a babe

This afternoon, Jerry and I did something most teenagers do in secret, then giggle and snicker over.

I joined him while he babysat his newest grandson {just turned two weeks old}.

Bet that wasn't what you were thinking, now was it?

I don't believe I've evah held a lil one that lil. I held him the entire time and it was so kewl. The lil guy was working hard to open his eyes and stttttrrrrreeeeeetttttched lots. He squiggled and wiggled and yawned and made faces that I mimicked.

Yes, I became a drooling idiot.

It looks cute when a baby does it, but not so when a grown woman does.

There was one thing that kept puzzling me. The kid has accordian arms. They have extra creases like he was all folded up in there, and when he came out, his arms just sprung right out and hang down to his knees. I kept picking up his hands and extending his arms, and asking Jerry {cuz he's had five kids and six grandkids so far}, "dude, do all babies have arms this long?"

Jerry smiled at me and reassured me, "he'll be about 5'7" and able to dunk while flatfooted on the floor."


  1. I'm hoping in time to get to hold one of my own grandchildren. With Skye only getting to see here husband one week out of the year...it won't be any time soon. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I get really nervous around babies... They are too fragile and I'm too clumsy. I think, "Disaster is coming any second, I just know it".


  3. Oh babies. Aren't they wonderful? :::sigh:::

  4. Do you believe in the Fairy Faith? Do you pratice it? Or are you a beliver in Christ? Love your blog! :)


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