27 January 2009


I drink lots of tea. I know, I know; you're all stunned into silence at such an inane confession. Look at the latest accoutrement in my possession!

Just before Christmas, I was delighted to receive in the mail this lil bird shaped lemon presser from a good friend, who's from Shanghai. At the time, I thought, 'oh wow, pretty. what the hell is it?' I flipped thru the packing and found a tiny note scrawled across the bottom of the back of the card's envelope. Aha! "it's a lemon compressor," . Hmmm. So I flipped the lever and tipped the bird's beak in to an imaginary teacup. I finally looked it up on line and saw exactly how I'm to use it. Which is actually how I did use it about an hour ago; tipping it forward into my actual teacup and pouring the juice out the bird's beak.


Thanks for taking the time and effort to let your thoughts be known!