01 January 2009

ringing the new year in at twennee friggen degrees

Happiest of newest years to you and yours!

There'd been a change in plans due to one friend's illness and so we were going to change the venue to my place. But there was another change and Mr. Date-Dude picked me up and took me to his place where I baked cookies, enjoying doctored eggnog and hot tea {not together, cuz ewwww gross} and visited with a vast assortment of peoples. I always think that a small number of children is actually way more than it is. It's cuz they zip around and babble so much, and I gave them hyper lil buggers more sugar and caffeine cuz I'm evil and I don't have to stay awake while they tear the house apart. {muwahhhahahahhaa} The Baby was more my speed, tho it was good that I wore many layers cuz after a few spit-ups and liquid burps, I had to go change. Oh that white wet stuff? Yeah, not whatcha thinkin'. Cuz dude, I wasn't that much fun tonight. In fact, once the new year was rung in, I pooped out. I was gonna prop myself in the corner with the dogs and the exhausted kid and crash, but Mr. Date-Dude braved the roads and drove me home. So I could sleep in my comfy bed, snuggled under my comfy covers, while shaddow snores peacefully on the rug in front of the space heater turned on high.

Cuz baby, it's cold outside!

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