24 July 2009

tats us

typing is a lil awkward at the moment, cuz my left wrist, the tender underside is a bit more sensitive than usual.

see why?

{huge ass grin}

jert and i had our wedding tat's done this evening!! things are a bit fuzzy in the pix, that was cuz i jitter a bit. i'll take a better, clearer pic in the future, but the batteries on the cam ran down. so you're stuck with this for the time being.

so you might can tell, i had my left wrist done, while jert had a similar tat done on his right wrist. it is combining the leaf formation {as seen in my profile/on my left column}, a rose in partial bud, our initials, and the date of the wedding. on my wrist, jert comes first and my initials come first on his wrist. of course the leaf formation is flipped accordingly.

thus far, these tats are the most expensive part of our wedding. and like the marriage, the'll last for the life-time. oh so well worth it. at any price.

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