28 July 2009

oh, of all the gall

i'm very accident prone, more so than usual. generally, as a person is under more stress than normal, they get more clumsy and do stupid stuff that ends up leaving scars. even if that stress is the best stress possible! and so i guess i qualify, as the wedding is looming larger and there's lots to be done.

but some of the stuff that's been going on with me, is not cuz i'm a klutzittee-klutz-klutz-kah!lutzz. like yesterday's events. or would that be this morning's? either way, it happened.

and jert was my hero, yet again.

i'd been feeling off yesterday, breaking into slick sweat, getting all squeamish, and dizzy and nauseous. my stomach was hurting, well, not my stomach but some thing just off to the right. it was like a raw/bruised feeling {sorta like getting kicked and punted up over the field goal of life}. yeah, i'm that much fun.

i did not want to chance eating anything for supper, cuz i felt all woozy. and then, i started burping extremely bitter sharp fumes. after brushing my teeth, gums, cheeks, and eyebrows seventeen times and opening another tube of toothpaste, i was not having any relief from the bitter skanky~ass breath. and seriously was considering dying.

no sleep makes me cranky, and i couldn't stand myself, so i woke jert to share in my misery. actually i woke him with, omg, gasp gasp gasp i think i gotta go to the hospital. this was just after i up~chucked everything i've eaten in the past month {flushing the toilet the entire time, so it didn't overflow with the contents of my entire digestive track}, brushing my teeth yet again, and stumbled back to bed.

long story, some shorter, the doc/nurses/lab techs all voted in favor of a gall bladder ultrasound to see if there are some stones or inflammation or something else that shouldn't be going on in there. so they gave me a shot {no problem except it hit my ticklish target and i ended up not just twitching, but giggling and jumping} and took some blood to make sure it wasn't a kidney infection {i KNEW it wasn't that}. the lab tech was almost in tears cuz she stuck me four times and wasn't able to get a flow to fill her tubes to test me for stuff for elimination. finally a different person ended up getting a good stick just an inch below my palm, in my wrist. she kept mumbling about this being a baaaaaaaaaaaad idea, but desperate times call for desperate measures. i suggested reslicing my scissor stab and letting that fill the vials, but they thought i was getting all wiggy and talking nonsense.

so, jert got maybe two~three hours sleep last night. when we got back from the hospital, it was fifteen minutes prior to his alarm going off, so he just started his day way early. the doc's office is closed for the time, so i'm not sure when we can do the ultrasound. but i feel way better. especially since i've finally had some sleep.

babe, i love ya, love ya, love ya.


  1. Awww! You make me blush. Love ya Baby!

  2. So, like, what was wrong with you? And Jert? A blush looks good on you!


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