26 July 2009

imma klutz, sigh, but ya already knew that...

this afternoon, we had jert's boss and his wife here for dinner. i'd made some salads, constant comment {orange tea with sweet spices}, and peach hintee. jert was grilling chicken and made a huge bowl of potato salad. we were really looking forward to our visit.

they brought flowers and wine, very sweet! i was in the kitchen slicing open the taped bag on the bouquet when i stabbed my own silly self with a rather heavy duty pair of kitchen shears. i knew this was no minor scratch when blood spurted { ssssssssssSPLATtted!} in a nice arch over the kitchen sink, but it wasn't til the gash slit open from the force of the water when i was rinsing it off that i realized, "uhm, stitches...?"

fortunately, jert's boss {and his wife} had been career air force medics so they fixed me right up, after applying so much pressure i think the muscles on the other side of my hand are bruised. picture a crushing handshake from your neighborhood's friendly giant. ok, now picture the giant not being so friendly. k, now picture him having a grudge cuz his baby sister is crushing on you. yeah, that's how much fun it was.

but the bleeding stopped and he had excellent bedside manner {first time he'd ever been in the house, and i get him alone in the bedroom within two minutes of his arrival~~~damn, am i smooth or what?}. jert said that he knew he could count on me to entertain while he finished up the chicken. yeah, i'm that much fun.

within just a few minutes, we all were back on track and enjoying our dinner and the wonderful company of each other. the wine was fruity, the food was good, the laughs were great. whatta great way to cap off the weekend!

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