20 July 2009

walking before ya run

this morning, when jert's youngest brought her youngest over for a visit; the ten month old baby was staggering around like a lil drunk. he can take a few steps with no support, but prefers the faster method of scooting along quickly. so when he would stand up and take a step, he seemed to be trying to run and would get his feet all tangled up or tip dangerously one way or the other in an over/under~balanced fashion. i was chuckling but that set off lil mini~bombs, like tiny fireworks shooting into my brain and then bursting into a shower of multicolored shocks. so chuckling was not a good move this morning, making me stagger about like a drunk, over and underbalanced myself.

and dude, i've been walking for at least 35 yrs. so lil guy, don't feel too bad about the walking/running thing. you've got plenty of time to walk before ya run!

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