16 July 2009

CanTeach asks...

What is your favourite song and why?

I haven't a favorite song, there are so many great songs that fit various moods, and times, and attitudes; well I can't pick just one all time favorite. However, at this moment, I'm listening to Joe Cocker. He does some great covers and ballads and the like. His gritty husky voice stands the test of time, at the age of 65, he just played a blues fest and received rave reviews.

Also, one of his songs made it into our music list for the wedding. "You Can Leave Your Hat On" was written by Randy Newman, but it was Joe Cocker's version that made the song a hit. And it's his version that I love, Love, LOVE.

It's gonna be played during the garter removal. I am really looking forward to that. *blush* So at this moment, I'd say that "You Can Leave Your Hat On", as sung by Joe Cocker is my favorite.

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