22 July 2009

merging, merging, merging...get those households merging

earlier today, my dear friend helped me pack up some of my kitchen stuff from the farm and bring it over to jert's. i cannot really bring too much over, til i have a place to go with it; that way i won't be moving my bed, dresser, vanity, bookshelves, etc around from spot to spot while we work on the guest rooms and the study/office where all those things will eventually find a home. so we just stuck to kitchen stuffs.

and it took me the better part of a few hours to find homes for it all. now my bread bowl and board are here {yea!} and all my glass casserole/mixing bowls/cake/bread pans are tucked away {yea} and all my copper~bottom pots and my cast iron pans {yea} and my pottery mugs, bowls, and other dishes...yea!! plus most of my teas, my wine glasses, and my pampered chef gifts are mingled in with jert's kitchen stuff.

it feels strange to see my things in this environment. it's becoming my home, too. and wow, whatta good feeling that is!

{love ya, baby and thanks so much for being with me thru all this}

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  1. And I hope you are happy in this home for many years to come.


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