08 July 2009

CanTeach asks...

What is your favourite time of day?

It all depends. For years, I lived on the farm and spent the majority of my time alone. I preferred evenings and nights for the most part. That was in part because even with my air conditioner on high/high and the space limited {curtain sheet closed off all but the living space}, it was still rather warm and humid in the day time. I'd feel drained and by the time things cooled off, it'd be about 10 pm and I'd finally start to come alive. So I'd be more productive at night.

During the winter, night time was the time I'd cuddle up, snuggly warm under the blankets with the gas heater on and it'd feel cozy and safe. That's the time I'd relax the most, and feel the most secure. Shaddow would keep me company and she'd often climb up on the bed and sprawl across the open space, with her head at the foot; her breathing deep and soothing.

Now, I'm not sure what I'd say my favorite part of day is. I don't have any part that I dread, so that's good. I do enjoy the afternoons, cuz I'm able to function more easily than earlier in the day; not nearly as groggy or fuzzy. I can think better in the afternoons.

But I really enjoy the evenings with Jert. Sometimes we chat with each other, sometimes we settle down to watch something he tivo'd, and sometimes we watch a movie on the dvd/vcr. There are sometimes he reads and I crochet. There are times too in which we are doing our own things, like me being on the computer, and him watching something I don't really follow {like "deadliest catch"}. We're comfortable in the same space without needing to focus on each other constantly; I like that lots.

He usually heads to bed before I do. Sometimes I tinker about on-line {late night blogging}, rediscovering earlier loves {sudoku rocks!}, or eMailing friends rather than just popping off quick lil IM's. There are times when I will read in bed, usually stopping to watch him sleep, quietly and restfully {he's just sooOOOoooo cute~~quit your gagging, be nice now}.

So it really depends on my mood, on the weather, and what else is going on with me, with jert, with us as a couple. I'm pretty much happy that there isn't really any part of the day that I dread right now. These last few weeks (quickly turning into months now), I've not been sleeping really well, so I'm trying to take advantage of the time I might otherwise be unaware.

No definitive answer, just like a dame, eh?

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