10 July 2009

CanTeach asks...

What is something you are optimistic about?

Generally, I'm pretty optimistic and positive about most things. Ya know, except those things that I'm not. Ya know how that works, I'm sure.

I tend to give most folks the benefit of doubt. So sometimes I get burnt. That's ok, most times, cuz I'd rather be optimistic than a doom-whiner {that's a doom-sayer with a sniveling habit}.

But something in particular that I'm optimistic about is my relationship with my Jert. He's great and he really loves me just as I am, encourages me to continue to be so, and tolerates all my flub-ups. Our relationship is good and solid already, and I think it will continue to deepen and strengthen with the passage of time and shared experiences. I definitely see us together for the long-hull, for life.

I'm sure we'll have some moments of dissention, times when I get cranky and snarky; but I think we are able to get thru those and move on with little to no damage. He's an amazing person, an awesome man, and so very patient with me when I get all snippity. I love him for more reasons than those, but those are essential when it comes to relationships.

Yup, I'm optimistic and positive when it comes to this here crazy thing called love. {muWAHHz to you, my baby}

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