21 July 2009

no, no, she's MAH woman

well, it was bound to happen sometime or another {jert ascertains}; that i would attract a younger man's attention and take him up on it. {sigh}

this evening, jert's youngest's kids were with us for an unscheduled visit while she went to the ER {eeee, digging around in her foot, and still not getting the glass out...not fun, no way~~makes me cringe}. the lil'st is about ten months and his older brother is just past three years. i'd been holding the baby for most of the evening, while jert {who has way more energy than i do, what's up with that?!?} was keeping pace with the older boy. toward the end of their visit, the boy was holding onto me while the baby was straddling my other hip {gee, so sweet to be loved so well}; when jert says, "hey! what are you doing with my woman?!?" and the boy giggles and grabs me even tighter and says right back, "no, no she's mah woman!" All of us giggled, snickered, snorted, and chortled. even the tired~fussy baby couldn't resist the giggle-fest.

yeah, well, i take my loves where and when i can get them!

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  1. Gonna have to keep my eye on those younger men. Love ya baby!


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