14 July 2009

sake, soup, & sushi!!

earlier today, after scraping out the bird's nest in my mail box, i did a quick flip-thru and chucked a fair amount of junk mail into the trash cans placed oh so conveniently. and then i did a double-take. whoooOOOAH there nelly, what's that? could it be? why, yes! i do believe so! but then i got all worried that i was getting all excited about nothing cuz them gov'mnt folks can be all tricksee that way. so i went back to my counselor's office and asked her to read the letter, cuz it was one of those check my realities against your reality to make sure that i'm not misreading this whole wahoo-omigawdAH-izzitru?!?

and yes! it was more than likely one of the best letters ever received and dudes, i've gotten lots of lovely letters. but this one?!? this one is precious. like 100K precious.

so jert and i decided to go celebrate at the local japanese steakhouse. UMI has moved to their new location, and wow, i am impressed. lovely large space, well defined areas that are habachi, sushi bar, and dining table/booth. great wait staff. good service. and fantastic food.

we had two types of sushi {which actually refers to the rice used~~vinegar rice, rather than the misconceived 'raw fish' idear}, some yaki udon {fat noodles in a veggie broth}, and some house sake, served warm. soooooooooooooo good. yum! then i had a sweet ending with mochi green tea ice cream.

mochi is pulverized sticky rice. then the ice cream balls are rolled in the mochi. the mochi and ice cream on the outer layer mixes to form a slightly chewing gel that encases the rest of the ice cream scoop. it was so good, i got happy in my pants!

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  1. It was good - but truth be told - I still prefer "Shaherazad's. It was a really nice evening though and congrats again on Uncle Sam's "forgiveness".


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