08 July 2009

seriously?!? {shaking head}

In the close to five years I've been blogging, I've only had two less than intensely friendly comments prior to a few months ago when I gained an audience of a reader who obviously loves to find fault {in an attempt to make others just as miserable} and yet for some sick reason cannot not read my blog {waving frantically at "anonymous"}. huh, go figure.

The other two comments were: one, a spamster~bot that provided material for a rather humorous entry that actually led to my gaining a group of wonderful readers/thinkers and co-conspiring bloggairs, among them my furrbees' fairygodparents. Sadly, Walt is no longer with us, and his wife, Bonny foresakes computers~~that was Walt's domain, and his death left quite a few of us bereft of one of the best friends anyone can ask for.

The other snippity comment was left by a young girl who was at the time an undergraduate at Ole Miss who took issue with an entry I'd written about my uncle's habit of indulging while wrapping Christmas presents {see Don't Be a Drunken Wrapper}. I figured she had some personal complication with those who imbibe to excess, which is her right. She actually sent me an eMail afterwards, explaining her viewpoint and that was that. I didn't delete or amend the entry and having failed to elicit a more dramatic response, she shuffled off to whatever fertile ground her drama may take seed. bah'bye, okey dokey then.

I've never deleted a comment. This is for several reasons, one of which is that folks are entitled to their own opinions and I don't really get all that torqued when folks don't agree with mine. Also, I've never had reason to do so. I realize that having stated this, it may be a challenge for "anonymous" to see if s/he can prompt me to actually delete her/his comment(s). Whatever fulfills your life's mission.

When "anonymous" first left a comment a few months back, it wasn't even more than a blip in my day, let alone any other substantial amount of time or thought. So you might imagine my surprise at how upset Jert was when he picked me up that evening. He'd said that he thought it was cowardly and rude and he was fairly sure who had left the comment in question form. I shrugged it off and tried to soothe him by letting him know that it reflects more on their attitude and nature than anything about me, so I'm not troubled by their inanity.

Then it was confirmed, the identity of that particular person who left that particular "anonymous" comment {the first I'd ever received}. Now, I'm not positive, altho Jert seems to be; but it's a strong likelihood that the following "anonymous" comments are left by the same person. Ho-hum. Jert has reacted pretty strongly several times, and each time he does, I've pointed out that such childish behaviour is not worth his devoted so much as a second of thought.

So why am I writing an entire entry on the subject of "anonymous" commenting? For shits and giggles. And for the same reason that I sometimes razz loved ones: cuz I can. And also cuz the frequency and content of the comments "anonymous" leaves provide a good number of chuckles on a regular basis.

If you'd like, take a browse thru the comments sometime {you might even search the last few months entries for "anonymous"}, and I'm sure you'll agree...stupidity can be chuckalicious. And indignant sputtering in the ruse of offended sensibilities is a joke in itself. Enough rope to hang yourself is especially strong and durable when you create it yourself and have no one else to blame.

Oh, and this one time, I'll address "anonymous" directly. In answer to your misinformed notion that "Bees can only sting once. "; you sad silly girl you, bumblebees do not have barbed stingers, so they retain their stinger so that they can sting repeatedly. Most other bee types, who do have barbed stingers, do sting once {yea, kudos to you!! good job}; their stingers snap off their bodies, thus killing them, while the stinger remains imbedded in whatever they stung. You might not have been able to deduce that it was a bumblebee that I wrote of, even tho the description might have led you to do so {"fuzzy black and yellow banded bee" and the fact that it stung multiple times}.

Please do try harder to think before you speak, lest you demonstrate and confirm your own foolishness.


  1. WoooHoo! Way to grab the bull by the horns!

  2. If you really knew who this was, you would be broken-hearted. You and Jerry have it wrong.


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