10 July 2009

Following the Pi'd Piper

Tomorrow Mary Jo and Lauren wed!! Earlier this year, Jert and I thought we might be able to get up to PA and be there for the ceremony and the celebration. But too many things were planned and have still to happen, including our own Party this fall. I know ya understand, and we're with you in spirit!

Cuz I'm a cheap-ass bastard, I can only afford the free images posted here, rather than selecting and sending the lovely couple these actual items. Above you see some intricate hookah pipes and stogie holders. And to your left, is an elegant sake set.

I know that Mary Jo and Lauren have been preparing intensely for this, having moved into a new home and all. So I don't think either of them will be doing much online for awhile, esp as they need to rest and recuperate. When ya get around to it, ladies, we'll be here!

Lauren will be gearing up for several shows they will be attending this fall, showcasing her glassbeads and other creations. Mary Jo will be helping her with as much as she can. I'm sure it will be a great experience for all involved!

Can't wait for the pix, guys!!
huggles, grins, best of the warmest wishes ever!

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