03 July 2008

snakes! and cats! and books! *oh! my!*

So Tuesday afternoon I checked my voice-mail and then thought I'd better use the bathroom before I return any calls (cuz it's better than getting thru to the person only to have to go, ya know?).  When I picked up the phone to do that business after I did my other business, the line was dead.  I don't mean that open line dead space dead; I mean dead dead.

I thought my actual phone had become defective, so I went out to the box on the pole and tried there.  No joy.  So I went down to my landlords cuz I was gonna have to tell Lisa about the Damn Snake and the most recent encounter which occured Monday night whilst doing my laundry (I pulled the bed out and when I did that, my left hand closed around the snake, it was up in my box spring, just hanging out on the boards...i think it was waiting til the bleach fumes disappated from the bathroom where the washer is, the entire back half of my home was full of hot, humid, bleach fumes).

Long story just a tad shorter, it turns out none of us have phone service.  So Perry called the phone folk and they said that it may be Saturday before they can get out to fix the lines but they are aware of the problem sir and will take care of it when they can.  Since Tuesday, I've no phone service, which means no dial-up, which means no internet, which means no journalling.

But today, I hauled my monkey butt to the public library to get the first book in a series for which I already have borrowed the second book (and I hate to do things out of order that way), to check my eMail, to send eMail to those folks who would be concerned that I died of fright because that Damn Snake's shinanigans have proven to be too much, and then I saw that Russ that doodling dude has showcased my journal (thanks dude!) and folks have visited, some (hi, guys!!) even leaving comments (kenya magin?) wahoo!

Once I have my wits about me, and phone service, I'll visit folks' journals and update more details.  As it is now, I have borrowed one of my landlords' cats (even tho I am terribly allergic to them and Mystery is very very affectionate) to deal with that Damn Snake (cuz Mystery kicks ass and kills snake butt, she's a stealthy sneaky hissing snake ninja).  Since I am in town today, I plan to go to Lowe's to check out this Snake-B-Gone stuff (or snake-a-way) that Lisa told me about to see if that'd be a good thing for me to have and use.

So, ya'll be safe while enjoying your fourth activities and I'll catch ya on the other side!


  1. Have a better than great weekend, Deb.  Oh...and check this out:  http://journals.aol.com/journalseditor/magicsmoke/#Entry3337



  2. Hot humid bleach fumes. Just reading that makes me cough, but add the snake & it is sort of a fainting experience really.  
    Stopping by from the guest editor picks. Congrats.

  3. congrats on being a guest editor's pick; I remember following your journal before I left journaling for a bit; that snake incident would not have made me happy at all

    hope you get phone service back sooner than later


  4. Hey Deb!  Thanks for the e-mail ... I was beginning to think I might have to hop a plane or train or automobile to find you.  But alas it wasn't the snake keeping you away but the phones.  Gotta love technology and the folks behind the headsets.

    I'm with Mary ... hot humid bleach air AND a snake. Now that'd be just too much.

    Glad Russ picked you.  Folks should get to know you ... as you are.  No changes, girl, no changes.  

  5. Ok, grabbing a snake and not knowing your grabbing said snake...damn that would of scared the bejesus out of me and I have a snake on my totem. Congrats on being one of Russ's Editor Picks hon. Have a grand 4th. (Hugs)Indigo

  6. Happy 4th  Keep Safe


  7. Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment, Debra! Glad you enjoyed learning about the blue feathers. <wink>

    Good luck with getting rid of your snaky little visitor. Yikes!



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