30 July 2008

bathing in the comforting outpouring of concern

I am so thankful that I've discovered how compassionate folks are with me.  I was not aware that so many folks care and want to be there.  In addition to you, my dear lovely loyal readers, I've been getting some very warm and touching eMail and IMs.  I've spent more time on the telephone these last three days than I have in all of the last three years, with folks who are so very caring and concerned.  I would like to reiterate how very much I appreciate you.

Thank you.


  1. Well, YOU are worth it, ya know!!   Anne

  2. Well, you are WORTH every moment and every e-mail and every IM.  I keep wondering 'what would Walt say' to myself.  I'm certain he'd be insensed (sp) about this.  Certain.  But then, he'd have his ageless, timeless wisdom to help you through.  Think of me (us) as an extension of Walt.  

    I'll be your chickadee of cheer.  (I know, I know)

  3. this is what i realy like about j-land,
    an `extended familly`  we are there for each other, even though we dont realy know the people whos journals we read, i think sometimes we are more likely to advise, sujest, etc because we aren`t part of the familly,
    so please be aware there are loads of us here for you,and we will stay here for you,
    sue x


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