04 July 2008

Cat on Loan

The phone service returned this evening, I have no idea what was so wrong that it took three days to fix, but there you have it.  Whilst I had no dial-up, I crocheted an octagonal baby blanket.  Pictures below!

Over the weekend, I plan to visit folks who left comments and such over the past few days.  So if I don't get to you by Monday, please let me know (I don't want to overlook anyone, tho sometimes it takes awhile for me to get to all the pages, esp since aol journals can take a long time to download for some reason).  Thanks, dudes!

Status on the snake?  It's not made another appearance since earlier this week.  The cat on loan is here and making herself useful in other ways.  I love cats, even tho I am very allergic to them.  This cat is not affecting me too badly, but I will have to return her after a bit.  I also got some snake-a-way.  Potent shit, so it says.  The label warns that any snakes trapped inside the parameter you treat will not leave because they won't cross the sulfur line.  So, since it is to rain over the next few days, and the label warns not to dilute the stuff, I plan to use it Monday.  Til then, the cat on loan can do her thing.  Also, I'll start going thru the house, cupboards, closet, etc. with intent to roust.


  1. It's never boring there, is it?  I didn't know you were allergic to cats...if only snakes were allergic to you.  ;)


  2. Snak-a-way.  I have never heard of it, but think we made be using some here too!  I have a family of garter snakes living behind the bricks on the front of the house.  I don't mind them exactly (I don't mind any critter really) but I do get a good startle when one is sunning itself and it slithers away when I startle IT.  

  3. I havent found it necessary (yet) for snake removal here in FL, but I will keep this stuff as a reminder!  we have 3 cats...they are clueless..LOL

  4. Makes me happy I have 4 inside cats. Like Russ I didn't realize you were allergic to cats...I sometimes just assume everyone loves them and has one or two. Hope your able to rid yourself of the snake once and for all hon. (Hugs)Indigo


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