29 July 2008

Dealing with Dragons

Today, I returned Jane Eyre and Wuthering Heights unread (well, I read about two-thirds of Jane Eyre and none of Wuthering Heights); as I just didn't think it was very appropriate reading for me at this time.  Cuz dude, pining damsels in distress?  Got enough drama, thankewverymuck.

So I picked up ten books (the library's holdings) by John Lescroart, a legal-thrillmeister; and asked the librarians to recommend some audio books that do not deal with relationships and turmoil and crap like that.  They suggested the light-hearted, fun series by Patricia Wrede called "Enchanted Forest Chronicles"; of which "Dealing with Dragons" is the first book (sorta in the same way that the Hobbit may be considered the first of the Lord of the Ring series...or not.  depends on your view).  The fourth book was actually written and published first.  The rest, the back story, came later.  So now, you read the first book last.  Ya know?  That could lead to dilemmas such as should I read the books in order of the author's writing them?  In order of publication?  In order of the storyline?  Usually this sort of thing would make me think long and hard about the underlying issues and bigger questions of life, but at the moment?  I'm just gonna deal with the damn dragon.

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  1. A dragon sounds so good to me right now.  


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