27 June 2008

no strewing allowed

Ya know some days you just know you shouldn't leave the house?  Or get out of bed?  or even wake up?

Well, I had arranged to meet with a woman next town over to give her the fifteen 12" granny squares that'd I'd done over the past week so that she could see them assembled into an afghan to give to some soul who is in need.  So first I drove to the library to exchange some audio books, and then I was gonna hop on the interstate and be on my way to Books-a-Million over in Columbus.  I shoulda not went the way I did.  I shoulda backtracked and caught the highway that way.  But shoulda-coulda-woulda here drove past the university when I left the library...past the state highway patrol...past an a distracted driver who coasted into my lane.

the key word there is "past".

I was in the left lane, as the right lane is usually full of folks who may turn at any moment into various roads and businesses.  Usually, driving in the left lane means I don't need to slam on the breaks because someone in front of me decided they just had to have that donut right now from this gas station right here.  Sounds like a good theory, but not today.

Today?  The sporty new black heavily tinted windows (watch for em) car in the right lane drifted (actually, i'd say veered, but i'm not sure if that's what they were intending to do...cuz damn, that's alotta drift) into my lane.  As in, the space my vehicle was occupying at that precise time.  Now, when two matters attempt to occupy the same space simultaneously, there tends to be a smashing crash with damaged and dented auto bodies and human bodies and spraying glass (from the auto bodies) and blood (from the human bodies).

I couldn't stop in enough time not to get involved in that smashing crash, so I chose the left shoulder to give some room to the sporty new glossy black heavily tinted windowed vehicle who was encroaching on my space.  Which would have been a fine idea, but for the sign posts directly ahead of me and my new path.  So I stomped on the gas, cleared the shiny new sporty black heavily tinted windowed car (whose driven was newly awoken and jerked back into the right lane while screaming quite loudly) and swerved back onto the road.  As soon as I got the fishtailing under control (seems like minutes while it's happening to you, but in reality is mere seconds...but no two vehicles can occupy the same space even for mere seconds, dudes), I looked around me and checked behind me.

No crashed up vehicles strewn the road.  No stalled vehicles strewn the road.  No vehicles strewn the road.  No strewing going on at all.

There was no hit, no damage.  In fact, the other vehicle didn't stop at all.  Until later, after they entered the new highway and I saw them pull off the road.

As I was saying (well, ok, exclaiming) as the shiny black sporty car was pushing into my space, "omg, omg, whathefuck is this?"  I've been saying that entirely too much lately, first snakes slithering in my space (and really, my hall, in my home?  my space) and now sporty cars slithering in my space (and really? my car in my lane, my space; that's why there are nice brightly painted  lines on the road surface).

Too much excitement for me.


  1. OMG...........if only you could put a snake in his(?) car.  Anne

  2. HOLY SHIT, DUDE!  Speed Racer ain't got nothing on you!

  3. You know Deb ... there has to be a sign in there somewhere.  Good God, I 'hate' when that happens!

  4. "omg, omg, whathefuck is this?"....under the circumstances I think I would be saying that a lot lately too. (Hugs)Indigo

  5. Just wanted to say congrats on being picked for the blogpicks of the week

    and hahaha at the end the "whatthefuck" part that sounds like my mother when shes driving and she gets that bit of roadrage LOL when people creep up into her space or where shes at hahahahahah I got a good laugh

    take care,

  6. Congrats on being selected as one of the Guest Editor's Picks.

    I enjoyed reading your entries.

    Hugs, Rose

  7. Hi, stopping by via Magic Smoke. Congrats on being a Guest Editor pick!


  8. Hi, stopping by via Magic Smoke. Congrats on being a Guest Editor pick!


  9. Hi Debra, I have just popped in to see you after reading about you on the guest editors blog...he recommended you as a good read... He sure was right on that. I have just spent a happy 15mins or so looking over your recent writings...You sound just the kind of person I would like to read again and again. So hope you don't mind if I put you on my alerts.   sybil xx



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