10 July 2008

In the thick pink, for Cathy


I made this pink headband this afternoon just a bit smaller than the pale green one posted yesterday.  I have very thick hair and it is very easy for me to stretch out headbands and have them pop right off my head, fly across the room and snap my guy's ass like a twisted wet towel flicked by a naughty pert girl.  grin.

 if ya look in the back ground, you'll see a portion of what i am working on for my nutella grrl!!  of course, when it comes together, i'll take better pix and explain it.  the reason my hair curves forward like that around the headband is because it's so thick (my hair, not the band!) and the weight of it makes it lay like that.  as you can see in the first pic above, it does that even when my chin is not tucked into my neck like a bird.

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  1. Very cool!  Having a morning grin here.  Thick hair ... used to be  part of my life.  ::sigh::  Like the pink!


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