31 July 2008

oh that ripping wrath

Yeah, so yesterday, just as I was parking my car in front of my home, rain drops dribbled out of the swollen sky and I no sooner shut the door than the ripping overhead resulted in a huge deluge.  There was no thunder, there was no lightening.  There was however, wind and gales and all that other roaring tumultuousness.

I lost power, we all did, for over three hours.  A tree fell on the lines across the way.  The power company got out here in that wrathful weather and cut that tree up right away.  Of course, ten miles away in Starkville there was only calm dryness.

When I called my landlord to let her know that the water works is so backed up that my washer water is now draining into my toilet and my toilet is now draining into my tub {shudder}, she asked if I could stop by their place.  Now, my landlord is my neighbor, but the big house is about a mile from my home.  So, I hopped in my car and drove down.  I noticed that there were two very huge trees by where their mailbox used to be that were down.  And as I parked my car, I noticed that there were a total of five huge very old trees and a handful of smaller trees down.  Fortunately, no people were hurt, no equipment or possessions damaged.

I approached the big house with caution.  You may remember from past entries that they live in the oldest house in the county, which means that there are lots of very old trees close in to the house.  So I was worried that altho I didn't see any damage to the front of the house, that given how much damage to quite a few trees in the front area, that there must be trees down in the rear or sides.  But nope!  Their house is intact!  Yea!!

Since my landlord has a pyro-streak, I think he will be very happily burning trees for many months to come.  Then I had to go to town since I had an appt this afternoon, I kept my eyes open as I drove.  And on the other side of my place?  The entire tree line is down.  It looks like the gods were playing dominoes, the entire row lies nice and neat.

Unfortunately, the folks down the way, the ones that are building a new home?  Well, a good portion of the framing will need to be replaced.  Ouch.  At least, I don't think anyone was hurt.  whew.

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  1. THat was one heack of a quick storm!


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