06 July 2008


sometimes my guy really likes something i've cooked and he always seems somewhat surprised by that.  so, when i asked him to get a gallon of milk, a head of cabbage, and some onions; he perked up and asked if he needed to get some noodles for me too.  when he got back from the store with those things and a bunch of bananas, he asked if i was gonna make it now?  make it now?  ya gonna make it now?  even tho it was after ten at night.

so, angel hair pasta is done (this is not the usual sort of noodle found in haluski) and waiting in the colander.  two red/purple onions are sauteeing in butter, soon to be translucently perfect.  the cabbage is chopped and ready to go.

haluski will be served, for tonight, we dine well!


  1. wow...
    so were you PLANNING on making it NOW?
    who cares.  I'll be right over!

  2. I've never ever had nor heard of haluski ... so now I'm going to have to go research it!  Hope it was great!

  3. Guys are like little kids that way aren't they? Doc gets the same way when he wants me to cook something. (Hugs)Indigo

  4. Hmm, I have never heard of Haluski! Is it Polish? German? Hungarian? Kyrgyzstanian? I'm intrigued!



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