30 July 2008

sitting in suds in my sleep

I've been feeling rather discombobulated of late.  So this latest fubar didn't even ruffle my fine feathers.  I went back to the bathroom to switch my clothes from the washer to the dryer and I heard flowing water as I walked down the hall.  For a very disconcerting moment I thought The Guy was here and pee'ing in the potty.  But, no.  That would have been very surreal.   And just so very wrong.

Instead, my washer drained into my tub and filled my toilet.  Suds were dribbling over the rim of the porcelain, flowing down like a miniature fountain.  I simply sighed, turned off the valve for the toilet and left the room.

Tomorrow?  I'll have a very clean toilet.  Sudsy clean.

Just hope it drains down a bit so I don't sit in suds in my sleep tonight.


  1. Now THAT rates high on the fubar scale.  Poor baby!   Anne

  2. Oh my gosh, but I guess, at least, it wasn't Mr. Snake having a wash.  
    Clean toilet without any effort.  Now that's nice.  Sort of.


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